Finance Deal Done
Refer a friend and receive a £50 Amazon for every qualified lead and a chance to win Scorers Hospitality at the 149th Open at Royal St George’s
Completed deal – £4,500,000 ABL for a childrens clothing import wholesaler
Completed deal – £4,500,000 for an outdoor & leisure import wholesaler

Step 1 - Identify Your Funding Needs

Firstly, you need to have an idea of the funding needs that you require.

Step 2 - Get In Touch With Us

Fill in our request form or pick up the phone and one of our friendly team members will guide you to the next step.

Step 3 - Requirements In Further Detail

One of our specialist advisers will call you to discuss your requirements and further details

Step 4 - Convenient Meeting For You

We meet at the most convenient place for you, whether it's at your premises or a local ideal premises.

Step 5 - Options Discussed

We discuss all of the best funding options available to you and how we can begin the process on these.

Step 6 - Your Detailed Deal Sheet

We'll then produce a detailed deal sheet for the funder, prepared on your behalf and sent to the most appropriate lenders.

Step 7 - Terms Sheets Negotiated

The terms sheets are then received and negotiated. We'll be with you every step of the way.

Step 8 - Meeting With Representative

A meeting set up with the funder representative is the last stage before the deal is agreed.

Step 9 - Deal Agreed

Your deal is agreed!...
Finance Made Simple.

  • Client Mr P. Quinn - Property Investor
    I was introduced to TheCityBroker to help me negotiate a settlement with a well-known high street bank. As a result of their historic failings, i was left with no significant debt burden which was subject to legal proceedings. With the help of TheCityBroker and my legal team, we were able to settle this out of court and refinance my property portfolio. I previously worked with a number of other brokers who charged the earth and failed to come up with the funding required. The CityBroker now handles all of my finances, and I recommend their service to all of my business contracts.
  • Client Mr S. Latif - Majornet Limited
    I met TheCityBroker at a private event and explained my vision for Majornet. Within 24 hours the team were at my offices discussing the funding options available to us in the market. Whilst we are well-known by all the high street banks, TheCityBroker used their relationships with the whole market to structure a development finance facility for a large commercial unit that we are currently building. Throughout the negotiations, we have been supported by the team at all bank meetings and site visits. We're very active in the property development game and having a the finance negotiations handles by TheCityBroker gives us the freedom to focus on the job at hand.
  • Client Mr M. Tighe - Catax Solutions Limited
    We instructed TheCityBroker to assist us with our ongoing growth strategy. As a business we are continually investing in our people, infrastructure, and partner network. TheCityBroker have worked with us over the past 18 months to secure the capital we need to achieve our ambitious growth targets. We could have approached our current bank;however, we chose to use an external corporate finance adviser due to their knowledge and experience of the wider finance market. Their hands-on commercial approach has enabled us to secure the funding we needed in weeks rather than months. A great service for the UK SME's.
  • Client Mr M. Press - Fordville Limited
    TheCityBroker was introduced to us by a personal friend and fellow business owner when we were looking to renegotiate our bank facilities. At the time we were experiencing significant overseas growth and needed to increase working capital lines to fund these new sales. TheCityBroker negotiated a multi-million-pound ABL with another bank, and whilst we did not take this forward, it was great leverage with our existing bank who matches the improved terms to keep our business. The work TheCityBroker team did for us was excellent, and they will be certainly be involved when out current facility comes up for renewal.
  • Client Mr D. Cassidy - Contract Lifting Solutions Ltd / Fifth Generation Ltd
    Our business is constantly looking to increase it's fleet of yellow plant and logistics vehicles to support new client contracts, and as a result, we are always looking to purchase this kit using bank finance. The asset finance market is a minefield, and so we appointed TheCityBroker to handle these negotiations. Within 48 hours we had a term comparison sheet detailing over ten indicative offers from banks and specialist providers. As a board, it will easy for us to see which options were best and which bank offered the most attractive terms. On the back of that, we let the team renegotiate our invoice finance facility too!




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