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TCB Debt Advisory

Our Debt Advisory Service

We prepare clients in readiness for debt raising. We do this by structuring and remodelling your business plan and putting together a suitable report for the bank allowing them to make an early assessment of your eligibility.

We work with the best lender for you based on your requirements, carrying out ongoing negotiations on your behalf, agreeing the best possible terms.


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Debt Restructuring

Our Debt Restructuring Service

Restructuring is an element of debt advisory that concentrates on reforming your current debt profile.

This could be agreeing on a new loan with affordable terms, preventing an impending default, or converting some of your debt into equity.

Whatever your situation, allow us to help you.


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Corporate Finance

Corporate Finance

Corporate Finance is similar to debt advisory in the way we equip clients with the documentation necessary for raising capital for a particular business purpose.

Again, our working knowledge of the industry ensures we can undertake negotiations on your behalf, at the best price and terms for your requirements.


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Working Capital

Working Capital Optimisation Services

Working capital is the lifeblood of every business. It’s the cash available to fund your day to day operations. Having money tied up in stock, work in progress, debtors and creditors can stifle growth, and if not tightly managed, it has the potential to cause irreversible consequences.

Cash is king and our working capital optimisation service involves a full audit of your current and forecasted cash flows with a view to leveraging the money invested in current assets.

We’ve designed this offering to help SME’s fund pressing financial needs such as expansion, investment in stock, or purchase necessary plant machinery and equipment.

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Real Estate Finance

Real Estate Finance

Working with specialist property lenders in both mainstream banks and the extended network of lenders, our real estate finance options are fantastic for:

  • Commercial or residential investment requirements
  • Buy2let funding
  • Development and acquisition finance

Our expert property consultants will help you plan, prepare and source the best financing option that suits you.


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COGS Programme

COGS Programme

It is a fact. Most businesses fail at finance because of inadequate preparation and from receiving poor advice.

Our COGS programme encompasses the fundamental elements to making your business a financially well-oiled machine. COGS delivers support around capital, organisation and planning, and growth coaching; leading to your financial success.

No matter your capital needs, we can help provide the right financial solution with terms that suit you.

We can help you organise your business, whether it is help writing your business plan you need or simply planning for future growth.


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